The Wow Factor

The Wow Factor

The work from the team at Nancy Price Interior Design is often cited as being classic yet fresh, opulent and a true composition. This is a great compliment and we like to think an accurate description of what we strive for in our design aesthetic. During a recent installation, we solicited the help of Kelly O’Neal, the owner and lead designer at Design Legacy based in Dallas, Texas.


Nancy and Kelly have been friends for a long time, so this project was by no means their first collaboration. This shared history led to an easy shorthand form of communication and a clear understanding of the vision for the space. The owners of this home have stuck to a fairly traditional style, but wanted to try a bolder and more modern look…which is why Nancy knew that Kelly would be the perfect addition to the team working on this beautiful canvas.

When first entering the home, one was greeted by fairly neutral tones, great pieces of art and a gorgeous stairwell in the foyer. The walls were just begging to be infused with life through expert use of color and shape. Kelly is an incredible artist and very in tune with finding the right combination of pattern, color and placement. In short, he was perfect for the job. The inspiration behind the painting was work from famed late artist, Keith Haring. Haring’s works were usually vibrant and relied on basic representative forms and sometimes repetition to share his thoughts on very serious contemporary issues. The color and life absolutely jumps off the page or canvas whenever you look at a Haring piece.

This sense of vibrancy and life was captured through Kelly’s bright graffiti on the walls. Although Herring was referenced, Kelly did a great job interpreting those elements through his own style. This palette of reds and oranges demands attention and emotes strength and life. Just the sort of invigorating design that this space and its owners craved.

The physical process of painting this space was not easy, considering the height of the walls and the added challenge of the stairs. Kelly climbed up and down a ladder for most of the day while hand painting the walls, yet he managed to approach the task with professionalism, patience and a cheery attitude. We couldn’t be happier with how this commanding wall art turned out and how it really connects with the other objects and furnishings that we have added or repositioned throughout the home to create a modern and vivacious living space . For more details on this collaboration, see this post from the Room Blue.


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