The Great Indoors : Summer Style Tips

As temperatures rise during the summer months, retreating into the cool, air-conditioned indoors is inevitable. However, getting a respite from the heat doesn’t have to mean missing out on the outdoors. Below are a few tips to help bring the outdoors inside.

Just Add Water

A quick sampling of any of the work from Nancy Price Interior Design shows that the color blue is a signature style element. In addition to blue being a bold and classic statement color, it’s a great color choice when trying to incorporate natural elements inside. Echo the soothing properties of water through the accent color in the objects in your living room. This is a great way to reflect the outdoors in any interior space.

Grow a Green Thumb

Another way to instantly give your home that summer feel is to incorporate some plant life into your spaces. When introducing plant life into your home, make sure that you consider this new addition from both a practical and an aesthetic standpoint. Make sure that the upkeep necessary to maintain the plant that you choose works for your home. Be thoughtful in where you place your greenery. Again, there are the practical concerns like sun exposure, easy access for maintenance and more. Take a look at the balance of your space and where this plant will both thrive and add a unique focus to the space. A fiddle leaf fig is a great choice because it is low maintenance and it adds another intriguing element to any room.

Let the Sunshine in

Enhancing natural light is a great way to play up the season indoors. Natural light is always a wonderful alternative to artificial light. Whether this means choosing lightweight or sheer drapes, changing the types of bulbs you use, or just giving your windows a good scrub-down, assess your space and come up with ways to enhance the natural light.

Watch Your Tone

In addition to optimizing the amount of natural light in your space, brighten things up through color choice. Do you feel that the color scheme currently in this space is too dark or heavy to reflect the airy quality of these summer months? Perhaps it is time to consider a new paint job. However, if that is not an option, consider your accent pieces. Something as small as buying new throw pillows could be the answer. Whether you choose a pattern , a solid color or something in-between, choose an item that is in the color family of the room, but just a bit lighter in hue. Always think “clean, light and bright”, but also be realistic about what slight changes will still fit in with the rest of your decor.

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