The Beauty of a Beach Home

With the recent arrival of summer, many people are looking to spend their leisure time at the beach. For those with beach homes, this time of year is high season for retreating to your beach home and for entertaining guests hoping to find a respite by the water. Although beach homes vary in size, style and function, there are some general design elements that can enhance the overall look and feel of this space. Below are some tips to keep in mind when designing (or re-designing) your beach home.

Function : Consider how you intend to use this home. Be realistic about the amount of time you plan to reside in this space (ie. seasonal or year-round?). Or if this is a home you have owned for a fair amount of time, reflect on how you actually use this home. Consider if others will use this property when you’re not there. When deciding how to style a beach home, make sure that function factors into your plans by being realistic about how the home is used.

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Light : By having a home on or near a beach, you have the opportunity to capitalize on a lot of natural light. If your home is located in a particularly bright spot and you want to let that in, consider the size of the windows. However, you may also want to install blackout drapes for the bedrooms if you are light sensitive. Larger windows immerse the occupant in the surrounding nature, enabling a true connection with the outdoors, while allowing light into the home.

Natural elements: Again, a large part of the appeal of owning a beach home is the proximity to the water. In addition to creating a space that uses that natural light to its advantage, beach homes should reflect the nearby area. This can be done in a variety of ways, from subtle nods to overtly-beachy pieces, a beach inspired motif can accommodate virtually any taste, it all depends on how you chose to interpret it.

Perhaps you choose a textured rug that echoes the graininess of sand, or maybe you find a sculpture crafted from salvaged beechwood. If you’d like to try an emboldened approach, choose to decorate the home with small collections of natural objects found nearby. Our favorite natural element is coral. Nancy often incorporates collections of coral throughout the home.

When designing your beach home, remember to keep it simple. It should be a place that you want to retreat to after a long day basking in sunshine and enjoying the water. You don’t want to be overburdened with unnecessary objects.

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