NPID Takes on Art Basel – Miami Beach

Since its initial launch in 2002, Art Basel – Miami Beach has proven itself to be a cultural hub of art, jewelry, makers, artists and celebrities of all kinds. Once a year Miami hosts an incredible celebration of all things artistic with 300 gallerists and artists showcasing their work to an eclectic and electric audience.

This year, the team behind Nancy Price Interior Design had the privilege of sharing Nancy’s jewelry line “Aura” with the throngs of excited patrons at Art Basel Miami.

There’s nothing quite like the energy that you find at Art Basel in Miami. The event encourages fair-goers to seek out beauty in all forms and engage with others interested in creating and sharing beautiful pieces of artwork. From traditional paintings, to sculptural delights and imaginative pieces of jewelry, Art Basel is truly an experience like no other.


Although the origins of Art Basel are rooted in the shared vision of well known gallerists; Trudi Bruckner, Balz Hilt and Ernst Beyeler, the international phenomenon has grown into much more. In 1970, these three gallerists based in Switzerland launched the debut of an art gathering that injected creativity into the unexpected locale of Basel, Switzerland. Although the landscape at the time wasn’t lacking in international art fairs (in fact, Cologne and Düsseldorf hosted rather large affairs at the time), Art Basel maintained a sense of independence and intimacy that was absent from the others.

Although Art Basel has grown to include other locations over the years, the numbers of artists and gallerists invited to the fair have remained fairly constant – large enough to get a unique cross section of work, but small enough to digest all of the points of interest. This year’s Art Basel – Miami Beach proved to be particularly exciting for the team at Nancy Price Interior Design. The international fair brought renewed interest to the Aura line, and provided a chance to share all of the new designs that Nancy has recently crafted. The line is particularly special to Nancy because her entry into interior design was through the field of fashion design when she was in college. Furthermore, the technique and aesthetic that Nancy deploys when designing pieces of jewelry perfectly replicates her signature sense of style, elegance and timelessness found in interior spaces that she has designed.   

Aura is borne out of Nancy’s love of collecting, repurposing and bringing a modern twist to classics. Nancy has always had a fondness for finding unique pieces- particularly during her travels all over the world. Nancy’s jewelry line, “Aura” incorporates unique materials with interesting stories behind them, making each piece in the collection one of a kind – true statement pieces.


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Nancy Price Interior Design is a Jackson, Mississippi-based interior design firm that's owned and operated by Nancy Price and her husband. Nancy Price enjoys bringing a balance of art and comfort to her clients. Learn more about Nancy Price by following her on Twitter and Instagram.