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Columns from Adele Sypesteyn

Adele Sypesteyn is an accomplished painter, sculptor and photographer who splits her time between studios in Los Angeles, New Orleans and Seattle. Her work spans across mediums and her portfolio includes everything from painted columns to abstract paintings, to horse sculptures and more. Adele claims that she draws inspiration not only from the local areas where she works, but from the places that she visits as well. Adele’s abstract art incorporates storied textures, printed texts and patinas and each piece tells a unique story through Adele’s signature technique.

For the past thirty years, Adele has worked as a full-time artist, and each piece perfectly encapsulates the craftsmanship and creativity of an experienced and well-trained professional. World-renowned magazines like Veranda and House Beautiful, have featured Adele and her work, and some of her pieces have even adorned the walls of iconic art and style havens like Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue.

Regardless of which medium Adele chooses to express her creative vision, one thing is certain, her work is unlike anything that you have seen before. With every piece that she creates, Adele engages the user through the lyricism of the composition.

Adele’s work not only offers something unique and rich in terms of the pieces themselves, but she possesses an uncanny ability to express a bold and elegant viewpoint through her work. This is reminiscent of the aesthetic principles found in the work and design at Nancy Price Interior Design.


Finding this same artistic sentiment echoed so strongly in the work of Adele Sypesteyn makes her a natural fit with the work at NPID. And with that in mind, Nancy Price Interior Design is thrilled to present an interactive art show featuring the work of such a renowned talent as Adele next week. During the show, Adele will work on her latest piece while guests enjoy cocktails and crudités in the presence of the artist at work. After spending so much time preparing for the excitement that is always attached to Highpoint Market, NPID couldn’t be more pleased about inviting such a creative force into our space there.

See More of Adele’s process below!

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