For the Love of Mother-of-Pearl

Flexi Mother of Pearl Mosaic, Maya_Romanoff

Brilliant, smooth and natural mother-of-pearl truly shines when integrated into home décor, adding triumphant sparkle and silvery glow to a space. While recent trends have shown that mother-of-pearl can be used in tandem with mixed metals, graphic tiles, patterned rugs, smoky glass and chevron prints, mother-of-pearl has demonstrated time and time again that its elegance and warmth can stand independently.

The stylish optional use of mother-of-pearl is frequently utilized by countless designers from across the globe, who recognize mother-of-pearl as triumphant because of its luminescent beauty, its presence, and grace. When used wisely, mother-of-pearl can offer a kitchen,  a dining room, and a living room instant improvement. The strategic use of organic-inorganic composite screams iridescence and natural refinement. It can use to provide a backsplash, inlays, and knobs. If you’re looking to find fabulous mother-of-pearl wallcoverings, look no further than Maya Romanoff.

Maya Romanoff, the largest manufacturer of handcrafted wallcoverings in the U.S, produced the Flexi Mother of Pearl Mosaic, which are tiles of genuine farmed seashell with a non-woven backing. The patent-pending Flexi design is remarkable and allows for the material to be wrapped virtually around any curved surface. Winner of the Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Decade Award, the “Flexi Mother of Pearl Mosaic” has hand-inlaid genuine capiz shells, which are protected with a stain-resistant top coat. The Best of Year: Best of 10 Award honored the most celebrated products and projects over the past decade. The mosaic’s one-inch square pattern offers the look of an elevated classic mosaic tile, was definitely one of the best within the last ten years.

Maya flawlessly took mother-of-pearl to the next level of style of luxury with the organic pattern and textured surface material, which was hand-finished in Maya’s Chicago Studio. Additionally, Maya announced two new mother-of-pearl wallcoverings when launching her Winter Collection in January. “Mother of Pearl On the Half Shell” and “Starlit Lattice” are two terrific wall coverings.

“Mother of Pearl On the Half Shell” utilizes fragments of capiz shell to create a highly active, textured surface. Also, Starlit Lattice is a flawless, opulent combination, involving bedazzled glass beads and Mother of Pearl tiles of genuine seashells.

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