Complementing Your Art Collection

While everyone has their own unique set of aesthetics and opinions about what kind of art is most beautiful or engaging to them, the truth is that you can find something that fits your sensibilities with any budget. Although curating an art collection with work from established artists is an investment, there are ways to continue expanding your collection with pieces that are meaningful to you at a reasonable cost.


Collect Objects That You Find Outside. Incorporating organic finds into your art collection is a great idea. When you are outside, keep your eyes open for shells, feathers or anything else that catches your eye. (However, make sure that there is nothing living in or on your find when you bring it into your home.)

Art Swap. If you have art that you no longer want to keep, consider hosting or attending an art swap. Who knows what treasures you might find from the other participants.

Commission Your Friends. No matter what your friends do professionally, you may be surprised to find the untapped creative talent hidden just below the surface. If you have friends with any sort of artistic inkling, just ask them to make something for you. You can be as specific or as vague as you’d like with your directives. And as for payment, consider making them dinner, baking them cookies or something else within your budget.

Request Art For Gifts. When holidays, birthdays or other special occasions come up request that your friends give you the gift of a piece of art. This could be something that your friends make, or perhaps an item that they purchase on your behalf by pooling their resources. 

Nancy Price InteriorsMake Your Own Art. One of the least expensive ways to build up a unique art collection is to make your own art. So take some time to figure out what kind of art you like to make, what materials are readily available and let your creativity out!

Looking for some inspiration? These boards often inspire me.

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