Bringing Europe Home

This summer has been an absolute whirlwind. Beautiful installations, exciting publicity, and planning for the fall has filled the summer days at Nancy Price Interior Design. But one of the greatest highlights was a recent trip to Europe. Because a signature element of Nancy Price Interior Design is to combine the unexpected with traditional elegance, we like to extend our reach as far as possible when it comes to finding new pieces for the studio. This trip to Europe is something that we had been  looking forward to, as we were confident that it would yield beautiful additions to our collection. The first stop on this trip was in Germany. There we were overwhelmed by the architectural beauty of so many of the buildings that we passed there. Frankfurt offered a number of stunning antiques at nearly every stop that we made. The difficulty was not finding interesting and unique pieces, the challenge came when we had to narrow down our selections.

From a hidden collection of wooden hand-crafted chairs, to a gorgeous cabinet with truly unique dimensions – having to pare down this wealth of goods was nearly impossible.

On our trip, stops included Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, and each location offered something interesting. We looked at all kinds of furniture and objects, but luckily had time to spend outside when looking at antique garden elements. The visits that we made to local outposts in the Netherlands proved to be quite fruitful for our art collection. The places we stopped were in no short supply of paintings, and we raced against the clock to go  through so much artwork. In fact, we almost missed our flight home! It wasn’t the sheer quantity or availability of the paintings that made them so appealing by any means. We were constantly in awe of the quality, talent, precision and aesthetic value within such large collections of paintings. So much so, that we didn’t want to leave.
However, this most recent trip yielded some incredible finds, and we are truly looking forward to sharing them with our clients once the shipments are received back home in the US.

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