A Lesson from the Artist

Back in October, we were lucky to have the incredibly talented Adele Sypesteyn grace the Nancy Price Interior Design Booth at Highpoint Market with her immense talent and passion. Those in attendance were undoubtedly impressed by Adele’s spirit, vision and formidable practice. Her ability to create such beautiful designs through her personally cultivated technique was an absolute joy to watch. NPID was lucky not just to have the artist present, but we also created a space to accurately showcase the beauty and complexity of each of Adele’s pieces.

For those who did not have the pleasure of attending Highpoint, or couldn’t make it to the Nancy Price booth, there are a few lessons to be learned from Sypesteyn’s work as it pertains to creating a beautiful space in your own home.

Be open to input, but know your aesthetic. For over thirty years, Adele has established the technique that she uses to create these unique pieces. And clearly, this unique voice is something that people respond to. While Adele certainly draws inspiration from other artists and the world around her, she maintains certain elements in her work. If you are thinking about designing a new space, try to get a sense of your own style, and evaluate if you are happy with that. Figure out what elements and style you enjoy being around (that make sense for your current lifestyle) and then solicit the help of an interior designer who you trust. Be open to his or her vision, and make sure that you clearly express your non-negotiables.

Don’t be afraid of blending styles. Adele’s technique is very interesting, and her compositions rely heavily on pairing styles, colors and textures together that you wouldn’t necessarily put together automatically. Her work shows attention to detail, and a love of creating something unexpected yet classic. This sensibility is echoed by the team behind Nancy Price Interior Design.

The joy and passion that you put into your art is palpable and beautiful. While Adele is a seasoned artist with a natural talent for what she does, the passion that she has for her work is visible. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, the energy and passion that you put behind a painting or the design of a room is tangible. So if you are not personally excited about designing a space, then it is even more important to find someone who is, in order to help you.

While there is a lot to learn from both Adele’s work and how she conducts her artistic practice, these seemed to be three of the most universal.

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Nancy Price Interior Design is a Jackson, Mississippi-based interior design firm that's owned and operated by Nancy Price and her husband. Nancy Price enjoys bringing a balance of art and comfort to her clients. Learn more about Nancy Price by following her on Twitter and Instagram.