Nancy Price Interiors is a full-service design firm located in Jackson, Mississippi.


Nancy Price Interior Design, Inc. is a design firm located in Jackson Mississippi. John and Nancy Price started Nancy Price Interiors in 1987, and Nancy has been the lead designer ever since.For over two decades, Nancy Price Interior Design, Inc. has cultivated a reputation for providing clients with an elegant and well-composed vision and execution of each project.

From private residences, to commercial buildings and show houses, Nancy Price Interior Design, Inc applies a masterful touch to a variety of properties. These spaces are initially empty, or fully furnished, or perhaps only available as blueprints at the time that Nancy Price Interior Design comes onboard. No matter what the original state is of the project, Nancy Price uses her natural talent for seeing beauty, to find and enhance the charm and opulence of any space.Nancy Price Interior Design, Inc. is a full-service design firm. Nancy has spent a considerable amount of time traveling all over the world searching for interesting pieces to add to her collection, which is at the disposal of her clients.

Though commonly known as industry giants, architects Ken Tate, Bobby McAlpine and Hays Town share another link – Nancy Price Interior Design. Nancy has had the privilege of partnering with a number of top architects owed largely to a shared language, tireless work ethic, and aesthetic sensibility.

Because Nancy is known for her very particular eye, she has decided to explore design through jewelry-making. “Aura”, Nancy’s new jewelry line, combines her passions for beauty, travel and design. Each piece is custom-made with religious pieces and stones from Nancy’s travels.

Outside of working with clients and on her new jewelry line, Nancy Price also shares pieces from her extensive collection regularly at the Antique and Design Center in Market Square, at antique shows all over the country and at her studio in Jackson.

To understand the unique yet classic spaces that emerge under the direction of Nancy Price Interior Design, Inc. , is to understand the tastes of lead designer, Nancy Price. Since childhood, Nancy has always had a knack for design. As the granddaughter of a master craftsmen growing up in Louisiana, Nancy was exposed to design and fabricating objects early.When studying art during her undergraduate years at LSU, Nancy’s interest in design – grew both in and out of the classroom.Nancy’s pension for classic elements of composition, clean lines, distinctive palettes and subtle layering techniques blended with her natural tendency to incorporate unexpected objects. This process results time and time again in spaces with a type of beauty that is both enduring and unique.